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9 January 2008 - Financial Times

Email sent to Mr. Lionel.Barber @ ft . com, editor of the Financial Times, and letters.editor @ ft . com, 9 January 2008

Subject: Trickling down - Editorial FT 9.1.07 p. 12

Ladies, Gentlemen,

Mr Lionel Barber, editor of the FT, appears honestly concerned about the lot of the poor. And he is asking the right question: " Can it continue, "it" meaning growth. The answer is "No", for the simple reason that we are running out of space and resources.

At the end of his column Lionel Barber writes: "Until then, Bangalore and Shanghai will continue to have more in common with London than with rural India and China." A really amazing statement. Should rural India and China really aspire to be looking like London or Shanghai? Where would we want to grow our food after the arable lands have been turned into deserts of concrete and glass?

We would wish Mr Barber to climb down from his ivory growth tower into the real world of globally diminishing resources, increasing pollution, crowded megacities with destitute people, threatened by climate change and resource scarcities of many kinds, all being a result of growth. We don't live in financial times. We live in darkening times with total depletion and resource wars on the horizon.

Kind regards,

Helmut Lubbers, BE MSocSc DipEcol, ecological psychologist
Ecoglobe ecology discovery foundation New Zealand (charitable trust)
Boulevard Carl-Vogt 14, CH-1205 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 3212320 helmut at ecoglobe dot ch

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