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Two Frogs - Zwei Frösche - Deux grenouilles

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Two Frogs

This is for the plotters, two kinds of people

Two frogs fell in a can of cream
Or so I heard it told
The sides of the can were shiny and steep
The cream was deep and cold.

O what's the use, croaked frog number one
Too straight; no help's around
Goodbye my friends, goodbye fair world!
And weeping still, he drowned.

But number two, of sterner stuff,
Dog-paddled in surprise.
And while he wiped his creamy face,
And dried his creamy eyes,

I swimm a while, at least, he said
Or so, I've heard, he said
It really won't help the world
If one more frog were dead

An hour or two he kicked and swam
Not once he stopped to mutter.
But he kicked and kicked and swam
and kicked and hopped out via butter

So, you may think the situation is hopeless.
We should do this. We should have that. But we will never gett there. People will never agree. Etc.

So be it - maybe.

But if you don't try you've lost in any case!
So - why not say: Yes we must and we can*.
Every voice counts.

That's what democracy and freedom is about.

*) This comment was written in 2006, pre-Obama!
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