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Abbreviations, Acronyms, Dictionary and Glossary: English and some German/French/Dutch/...
About ecoglobe: vision and project
Addresses: business, environment and government organisations and Resource Centres
Agriculture, fisheries and food
Atomic energy: see Nuclear energy
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Benadir in New Zealand
Bible with link to multi-language versions
Birth Defects beacuase of nuclear wastes
Bioenergy (animal and human power, biofuel, biogas, wood)
Biosafety [genetic engineering]
Black pages doomsayers' views
Bright pages our children - our future
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A Chess Game
Carrying capacity: see Resources - availability of natural and mineral resources
Climate change Links
Constitution Excerpt of the Swiss federal Constitution with references to "Sustainable Development"
Conversion tables: General standards, metric and imperial units; energy & power conversions; various conversions
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Democracy and Choice [genetic engineering]
Depleted Uranium
Dictionary, Abbreviations, Acronyms and Glossary
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Ecological Economics: economics as a sub-system of human ecology
ecoglobe Wellington: ecology discovery foundation - ecoglobe
ecoglobe Wellington: Ecology Discovery Globe on Wellington's Waterfront - description
ecoStory: your ecological vision on ecoglobe's web site
Email to ecoglobe Feedback, suggestions, critique.
Energy and Power: non-renewable energy; renewable energy; alternative energy
Energy and Power Conversion Tables
Energy resources and outlook (non-renewable and renewable) - Link to Jay Hanson's page 143
Energy and GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
Environmental science in India Center for Science and Environment of India
Evironmental science for kids and others Tiki the Penguin
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Feedback: by email or Feedback: on-line Suggestions, critique.
Food for the world: Can genetic engineering increase agricultural production to provide "food for the world"?
Food safety: [genetic engineering]
Fossil energy: coal, natural gas, oil
"Footprint" - environmental footprint for Kids, young and old
Frogs and robofrogs
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gas: coakes gas, natural gas
Genetic Birth Defects Pictures of babies and infants with defects probably caused by the use of depleted uranium (DU)
Genetic engineering issues: A concise and systematic list of issues - Overview
Genetic engineering News list
Genetic engineering other web sites list
Genetic engineering summary of arguments: A shortlist of GE facts and promises
Genetic engineering biotechnology: Basic concept - Modifying genetic structures of animals, plants, insects, bacteria
GoNGOs & BuNGOs: Government and Business NGOs
GloomyGlobe Black list
Glossary, Abbreviations, Acronyms and Dictionary
Great Spirit American-Indian prayer
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Health: Promises of better health (?) [genetic engineering]
HTML, java, etc. links
Human ecology: an overview
Human energy
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Aldous Huxley His 1946 Introduction to "Brave New World"
Hydro (water): dams, tidal, wave
Hydrogen Energy
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Internet links: A choice of web sites and internet search engines
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Kiwis: Products of New Zealand: Kiwis, kiwifruits and kiwi birds
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Limits to Growth
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Medicine and genetic engineering: Curing and preventing genetic birth defects - the potential of genetic engineering research that produces "chicken with four drumsticks"
Murpy's Law: Risk and danger assesment [genetic engineering]
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New Mobility - umverkehR
News 1999 list
News 2000 list
News 2001 list
  • New Zealand, Neuseeland, la Nouvelle z´lande - Images - Bilder
    Nuclear energy
    Nuclear wastes: Depleted uranium in armaments and the effects of its radioactivity dispersed in the environment and food chain.

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    Organic Pathways NZ - an on-line guide to Organics in Aotearoa New Zealand
    Organics - 'bio' : chemicals-free (organic) agriculture, horticulture and foodstuffs
    Organisations in connection with sustainability
    Orwell Newspeak and further George Orwell links
    Overshoot (links to Overshoot pages)
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    Projects: ecoglobe Projects
    Photosynthesis and population
    Population: growth, agriculture and fossil fuels
    Progress and genetic engineering
    Precautinary Principle ["Better safe than sorry"]
    Psychology: Psychiatric drugs
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    Rainforest - Listen to the sounds!
    Resources: Availability of natural and mineral resources [Carrying capacity]
    Rio + 10 World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 10)
    Risk - A scenario of environmental catastrophe
    Ritalin: A psychiatric drug prescribed to children against a behaviour that is called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
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    Search engine:
    Sheep - see: Transgenic sheep
    Standards: see Conversion tables: general standards, units and conversion tables
    Sustainability and "Sustainable Development" issues
    Sustainability Links
    "Sustainable Development" in the Swiss federal Constitution
    "Sustainable Development" Development graph, Carrying Capacity, Ecological Footprint, Limits to Growth, Various "Sustainable Development" graphs with pictures, put on the site after the UNO The Hague 2000 Climate Conference.
    Sustainability Workshop Oakland California August 2001
    Switzerland - useful collection of links
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    World time
    Trade issues and genetic engineering
    Traffic issues
    New Mobility - umverkehR pages
    Traffic reduction: umverkehR - actif-trafiC news item Swiss people's initiative to reduce motorised traffic by 50 % over ten years
    Transgenic sheep 'trial' in New Zealand
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    United Nations - Charter
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      W [top]
    Willem van Oranje Dutch Declaration of independence of 1581
    Der Wanderer Music by Franz Schubert, text Georg Philipp Schmidt von Lübeck
    Wellington: ecology discovery foundation - ecoglobe
    Workshop: Oakland California Sustainability Workshop
    World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 10)
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