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News 2001 List

news 2000 - contents:

  5 Dec Sir Colin Campbell, Cynic of the day.
  4 Dec Geneva receives the Forest Stewardship Council (SFC) label
 24 Nov Climate Fossil Awards at the The Hague COP6 conference
 20 Nov Climate Change in Holland
 28 July TSE in Vermont (USA) sheep.
 11 May Report on a GM conference at Te Papa
 17 Apr A transcript of Mrs Fran Wilde's gene technology infomercial
  6 Apr Great Moments in Genetic Engineering
  5 Apr Biotech rivals team up in effort to sell altered food
  24 Mar FAO Forum - comments on FAO agricultural forum background document
  23 Mar FAO Forum - Invitation to join the Electronic Forum on Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture
  20 Mar Letter to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Helen Clark - with suggested criteria for the selection of members for a Royal Commission on Genetic Engineering
  18 Mar SEEyD - Progress or Luddites?
  15 Mar AIDS Virus Strains Are Mutating - Test Concerns Grow
  13 Mar Swiss voters reject traffic-halving
  9 Mar Traffic signs and low-motorised road traffic in the Netherlands
  7 Mar WWF Canada: Genetic Engineering Does Not Yield Pesticide Reduction
  2 Mar A future with New Mobility umverkehR or with a globalised traffic jam?
  28 Feb News about the Swiss New Mobility Campaign
  27 Feb True story of GE insuline for diabetics
  26 Feb Why is organic produce smaller in size?
  25 Feb A New Zealand salmon hatchery stops controversial Genetic Engineering experiments
  22 Feb Swiss New Mobility wave at Wellington's Waterfront
  19 Feb Transgenic Crops in Indiana: Short-term issues for farmers
  17 Feb Genetic researchers cite specter of profits
  15 Feb Fraud behind GM food safety claims
  14 Feb Picking the right guys
  11 Feb Asthma and 'Life Sciences'
  31 Jan The Struggle for a wider use of the Precautionary Principle in EU
  24 Jan Stores go to war on organic sales (Supermarket - Organics in the UK)
  17 Jan New Mobility umverkehR (say 'oomphacare') web pages
  10 Jan Environmental Scares - Plenty of Gloom
  4 Jan European Chemical Producers Question Precautionary Rules
  3 Jan Seeds of Doubt in Canada
  2 Jan A Matter of Survival
  1 Jan Our Children - Our Future

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