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No, this is not the world championship.Just a game between two friends.

explore the darkness of ecological pessimists

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Tiki's Guide to Genetic Engineering
A Lightning Quick Guide on Genetic Engineering

Tiki the Penguin
Tiki the Penguin on ecological issues - fit for all ages
for young and old

Wellwind Sustaible Energy Solutions

link to gobar times - India
gobar times

link to CSEI
Centre for Science and the Environment India

The real cost of motorised traffic
Caraashh!! Boomerang!!

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10 Reasons to go Organic:
1. You protect future generations throughout the world
2. You pay the real cost of real food
3. You have an independent guarantee with Bio-Gro certification
4. You protect water quality
5. You enjoy great flavour and nutrition
6. You keep chemicals off your plate and out of your body
7. You reduce global warming and save energy
8. You prevent soil erosion
9. You help small farmers
10. You help restore and maintain biodiversity
More @ Soil & Health Association of New Zealand Incorporated
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Willing Workers On Organic Farms - New Zealand ...

Greens NZ
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Das Wetter - fieramente presentato par TCS
Das Wetter

Vom Berner Tagblatt und dem Schweizer Bauer

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