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We focus on the core issues in the environmental debate:

• Humanity has overshot the earth's carrying capacity.
• We are depleting the planet's natural and
    non-renewable resources at high speed.
• All economic growth factually increases the rates of
    resource depletion and destruction of nature.
• The dark horizon of collapse is much closer than
    most people and opinion leaders think.

We promote a radical change of public policy that will give humanity a chance to survive the times of increasing resource scarcities of many kinds:

The general policy of economic growth must be abolished in favour of maintenance and longevity.
Population growth must be stopped and reversed because all countries are already overpopulated.
Our exorbitant resource use must be reversed
by economic frugality and societal restructuring.
Our debate is based on reality and a careful distinction between illusions and real solutions.

We are independent




We are still a small movement. But we have some big goals:

club... focusing on the core issues of overconsumption and economic growth on a planet with finite dimensions and resources;
emphasise real solutions, considering that we cannot continue to overconsume and grow with our consumption and in human numbers;
raise the awareness that we need to reduce - consumption, speed, numbers - if humanity wants to survive our modern age.

We need every we can get, small or large. Click for your.
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  • Empreintes de pas/Fussabdrücke/Footprints: Ecological and environmental footprints
  • Factor 4, factor 10: Faktor vier und zehn
  • Millennium goals: Developing a New Set of Environment Goals | Hurry up! - Beeile dich! - Dépêche-toi !
  • Population & footprints: "The world has two energy crises but no real answers"
  • Programme: A "programme" towards sustainability? - some thoughts
  • Optimism & Pessimism: "Blood, toil, tears, and sweat" - "Brave New World"
  • Overshoot:Overshoot
  • Scenarios: Scénarios possibles Mögliche Scénarios - Possible scenarios
  • Tables/Tafeln: Croissance - Wachstum - Growth - Crecimiento Crescita
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