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Fludd's perpetual machine... Eternal life, the Garden of Eden, making gold from straw, the eternally working machine, slaves who don't eat nor sleep are some of the dreams of men.
Modern times and the present environmental threats have lead to another series of dreams.
The machine on the right is an early example. We turned it 90 degrees as mental training to better understand the following loose collection of examples.
the perpetual bicycle...
the sustainable development race... "Sustainable Development" is one the most favourite expressions of our age. "Sustainable" qualifies a process that can continue for a very long time. "Development" normally has the positivist connotation of more, better, quicker, or a higher quality. A child understands that there's a limit to everything, that the earth is not flat and continued economic and population growth can never be sustainable. But our leaders are not children. So they can believe in "Sustainable Development", "immaterialised", "sustainable" and "green" economic growth.


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We will publish them and then store the ideas in the scientific drawer cabinet, for amusement of our children.


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