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This is just one set of ideas on how to proceed

We are a diverse group, hopefully at home in all circles - manual workers, academics, management, and so on.
We must not stick to our known ways of thinking and dealing with subjects.
All peaceful approaches must be considered. Maybe a completely new road has to be created.
This is just one link: Sharing Your Tactic - A Sample Tactic Presentation
Could this help in designing some sort of a strategy to convey the message (whichever)?
I believe that for any change people must
  1. recognise the problem
  2. understand its urgency
  3. believe its concerns themselves
  4. believe they can do something about it
  5. be/become aware of the (adverse) effects of "solutions"
  6. choose a solution (hopefully the one that is environmentally sound)
  7. start working for the solution
For each stage we need to design a strategy.
General principles are clearity, simple language, ideas that people can understand without having to study academic issues, succinctness, optimism, to name a few.
I'm not a strategy specialist.
I think it has to do with marketing and public relations. Can we find people in those areas to help?
We must not talk in circles, desiderata and theories.
We need to discuss and design the ways to change the opinions of the masses and their leaders. A strategy must be discussed, something hands-on. ... Helmut 16.9.07
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We - the people - have the power to change policies.
Wir - das Volk - haben die Macht, die Politik zu verändern.
Nous - le peuple - ont le pouvoir à changer la politique.
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